Saturday, June 6, 2015

HOW TO ATTEND TWO CONCERTS IN ONE WEEK LIKE A BOSS Part Two || please excuse more antiquated terminology

{Click HERE to read yesterday’s post, which you totally should because I tell you lots of stories. This post has even more, so read this one too!}


If you really think about it, it’s strange. If you’re going to an event, how do you just magically forget to bring the one thing that gives you admission to it in the first place?
But somehow the humans just naturally forget important things. Like sometimes I forget to wash the dishes when I need dishes to eat off of. Or sometimes I forget to vacuum my room when I probably shouldn’t walk around with dust mites in my carpet. Or sometimes I forget to clean my bathroom when I’m supposed to be hygienic. (Okay...I “conveniently” forget to do these things.)


If you are going to a pop concert, you can bring your purse if you want. I brought my purse to the Tori Kelly concert because I wanted to use my portable phone charger (because I only had like 60% on my phone), but it’s not a necessity. As long as you have pockets to hold stuff in, a purse isn’t necessary.
On the other hand, do NOT bring a purse to a rap concert. I didn’t bring one to the KB concert, simply because I’ve been to rap concerts before and I knew that everyone’d be A) standing up (seriously, who listens to rap sitting down?) and B) WHO WANTS TO LUG A PURSE AROUND, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE JUMPING?
Unless you listen to lazy rap and you just kind of sway around, don’t bring a purse.
Also, don’t tie a jacket around your waist and put your phone in the pocket of it. I did that during the KB concert and it kept on bopping up and down with me and I had to hold it and it was really annoying.
So I guess really it didn’t matter whether I brought a purse or not, because either way I was holding onto something.


I made a vlog of the KB concert (I’m planning on making one with the Tori Kelly footage), and I’m really glad I did. The memories will always stay with me, but sometimes you have to relive it a little in order to trigger the memories. Sometimes I go back and watch old videos because it gives me that really comforting sense of, Wow, I’ve lived through a lot…
And then common sense comes and knocks me on the head and says, “YOU’RE ONLY FIFTEEN AND YOU CAN’T EVEN DRIVE YET, NOT EVEN WITH A PARENT IN THE CAR!”
Thanks a lot, reality.


My dad got me VIP tix for Tori Kelly’s concert, mostly because the General Admission tickets were sold out. He didn’t want to get me the Meet’n’Greet ones, which were kind of pricey, so he got my mom and me the Listening Party ones.
Basically, during the Listening Party, she played us clips of songs off her new album and took a couple of questions. (I was standing behind a couple of really tall men and so she didn’t see me. Curses for being 5’ 1”. You’d think wearing tie-dye would’ve helped, but no, the venue had to be dark.)
In short terms, it wasn’t worth it.
If you’re going to get VIP, get it all the way.
On the plus side, I read an entire book (Saint Anything, by Sarah Dessen) while my mom and I were waiting for the Meet’n’Greet people to get out. It was a good book. You should go read it.


If you wanna see the artist, you GOTTA WAIT.
For the KB concert, my dad and brothers and I waited in a giant line to get into the venue. (Side note: I despise lines. And waiting.)  Then we had to wait for the actual concert to start (they played Lecrae and Trip Lee and Andy Mineo over the speakers while we were waiting). Then we had to wait for this guy to introduce the host. Then the host had to give a plug for the sponsors (surprisingly, Grand Canyon University wasn’t one of them). Then the host had to introduce the opening guy. The opening guy did two songs and the host came back on and introduced another opening person, who did like three or four songs, and then we had to wait some more and then fiiiinnnnalllllyyy KB came on.
(It was worth it, though.)

For the Tori Kelly concert we had to wait even more. First we had to wait in a line to get the VIP passes. Then we had to wait in the VIP line. Then we got to go inside early and had to wait while the guy in charge of VIP told us the rules. Then she came out, talked to us, played clips from her songs, and came down to do the Meet’n’Greet.
Since I didn’t have the Meet’n’Greet, us lowly otherlings got ushered upstairs to wait for the Meet’n’Greet to end. (It took like thirtyish-fortyish minutes.) Then we went back downstairs and waited for TWO HOURS (in which I continued to read on my phone) until the Opening Act came on (Gavin James). Then we had to wait like fifteen-thirty more minutes until Tori Kelly went on.
Her set lasted for about an hour and a half, and it more than made up for the wait...but still. While you’re waiting, it’s awful.
To combat the waiting period, you should probably bring a few things to do. Here are some logical ideas that you could probably come up with yourself.
→ Read an entire book on my phone. I used my public library’s digital database, which is on, so you should definitely check to see if your library has an online database too! I read it on my phone versus using an actual book or an e-reader because A) it’s portable, and B) it lights up the screen, and usually those venues can be pretty dark. Plus, a review of Saint Anything will probably be going up on my other blog soon!
→ Listen to music! A cardinal rule before going to a concert is getting acquainted with the artist’s music. I can’t really enjoy music if I don’t know it, so make sure you do your research and listen to the artist’s music and know at least some of the lyrics beforehand. I didn’t do this because I forgot my earbuds, but if you’re waiting in line or something, DO IT.
→ Google random things. Most people have smartphones for a reason.
→ Start a random conversation with a person in your general vicinity. Here’s the thing: if the person’s at that concert, he or she probably likes the music artist. If you’re at the concert, you probably like that music artist too. So you have something in common! Yay!


This is actually harder than it looks, mostly because there are awful things that can happen at concerts. Two things happened to me at both concerts that probably could’ve ruined the night, so just be aware of these things:
→ PEOPLE CUTTING. It stinks, but it happens. I was at the Tori Kelly concert, and these people (they were high school seniors or something) legit pushed their way through the crowd to “talk to their friends” (aka get a better view of the stage). I reached my breaking point when this couple cut in front of me. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. And remember, I’m only 5’ 1” (being short stinks, guys. They seriously need to arrange concert seatings in terms of height, not wealth).
So guess what I did? I did only what the average feisty sophomore high school student would do.
I coughed.
Looking back now, it was pretty fake coughing. I’m fairly sure they knew I was faking it, but when you’re being very loud and passive-aggressive, people usually want to pretend to be nice people. So they were like, “Hey, why don’t you go in front of us,” and I was like, Gee, thanks for being such nice people.

And the sarcasm peeks out of its peephole.

Just in case they thought I was sick, though, I kept coughing periodically.
But don’t let it get in the way of you enjoying your concert. Remember you’re there not to mourn human depravity but to enjoy music.
Have fun.
→ CLAUSTROPHOBIC-NESS. Both of the concerts were at small, standing venues. Unless you’re going in a giant auditorium with actual seating, it is going to be crowwwwwwded. People are going to have to touch you--it’s just a fact of life.
I personally don’t like touching people or things. I’m not really a touchy-feely person, mostly because human contact is just...ew.
But with this, you’ve gotta deal with it. At some point, you’ve gotta be like, Hey, bro, you know, people are gonna touch you, but it’s fine, okay? Enjoy the music! Enjoy the unity! Listen to the melody and the beat!
I love music.
If you do too, you’ll have fun, no matter how far out of your comfort zone you’ve being pushed.

Thanks for bearing with me with all this word upchuck! Hope you benefited from this post!

What concerts have you been to? Who are your favorite artists? SPILL THE DEETS BUT KEEP IT CLEAN :)


  1. Sadly, if you want to go to a concert in New Zealand, you pretty much have to go to Auckland or Christchurch, neither of which we liver near to. So I have never really been to a concert *sobs* Sounds like you had an awesome time though!

    1. should try to go to a couple once in a while! Or you should petition the artists to come to your town!

  2. I think *maybe* that Tori Kelly is a christian. I'm not really sure. There is a vid of her singing praise songs.