Friday, June 19, 2015


I'm pretty sure most of us want to be artsy.

With the exception of some few content people who are fine with not being aesthetically gifted, many people have yearned to be one of those select elite who can make an Instagram picture look like heaven. 

I am not one of those select elite; however, I try. This week I completed an art project that was actually really fun and that you can definitely try at home, now that school's out (at least for us Americans) and the sun is shining outside.

Things You Need:
-A wide open space (preferably a backyard, and NOT a place with carpet)
-Pieces of white printer paper
-A tarp or a bunch of newspapers
-A bunch of shoes if you're using the newspaper
-Several different kinds of paint (acrylic/tempera)
-Used water bottles (filled and empty)
-A paint tray 

Create a phrase in your head, something that resonates with you. Maybe it's your favorite Bible verse, or a line from a favorite song, or just a phrase that sinks well with you.

I chose "Don't waste your life" (s/o to my good men John Piper and Lecrae).

Cut out pieces of paper, one for each letter. (I chose triangles.) Then proceed to write each letter on its selected piece of paper. Since we're going to cover those letters with droplets of paint, you might want to do something bold and dark, like stuff with Sharpies. (I used block letters.)

Go outside or to whatever wide-open space you're using, and lay out the tarp/newspaper. Obviously from the pictures you'll see I'm using newspaper, but I WAS A SLOW-WITTED PERSON AND DID NOT REALIZE THAT THERE WAS AN OLD TWISTER MAT IN THE PAINTING BOX. Consequently, I set the newspaper out and put a bunch of shoes everywhere so the paper wouldn't fly away.

Also, if you're doing things outside, you might want to tape the pieces of paper down. (Don't worry; the paint will make it easy to remove the tape later on, OR you can just cut the hanging bits off. We'll get to that later.)

Take the paint and the water bottles. (I had four water bottles, but you can adjust the number as necessary.) Make sure all of the water bottles have a little bit of water in them, but not too much. (It depends on how high you want your paint-to-water ratio. If you like lighter, watery colors, leave more water in. If you like more pigmented colors, put less water in.) Then take your paint colors and squirt some into the water bottles.


Take the caps of all the water bottles and open your scissors. Using your scissors like a knife, stab holes (not too large) into the center of the caps. This will allow the paint to drip and splotch onto the paper, but not so much so that you pour the whole thing all over the papers.

STEP SIX (optional):
If you want, you can just use the paint bottles, but if you're looking for more variety, you can also use the classic "paint-flick-drip" method. Take your paint tray and squirt more paint colors onto them. Add a little bit of water to each of the colors to make them easier to flick. Keep a couple of large paintbrushes on standby.

Splatter away!

For the bottles, just kind of swing them around in the general vicinity of the pieces of paper. Spontaneous is best in this case. For the paint splattering, dip your brush in and fling it around. (It's about the experience, not the practice:)

(Yes, I edited this photo :)


Take all the pieces of paper off the newspaper. Since the tape will most likely get wet, it'll be easy to remove. If there are some spots where the tape is dry, cut it off.


Remove all of the pieces of tape, let dry, and VOILA!

If you want to, you can retrace the letters to make them more visible. Then you can make a pennant and hang it in your room, or you can tape them up on your walls or give them as Father's Day gifts...I still don't quite know what I'm going to do with mine, but I loved the experience of creating something with paint and I'll definitely--probably--be doing something like this again.



  1. I can't art, I sadly lack in the department of making things. Unlike my sister, who is currently into making Dream Catches.

    You can art though, it's such a cool idea! And your chosen phrase would have to be one of my favorites as well :)

  2. As soon as I read "Don't Waste Your Life" I too thought of Lecrae :)

    Like Opal, I am also physically incapable of arting, but I am capable of commenting an saying that you are very good at arting ♥

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. aww haha not really. this was super easy to do.

  3. I love looking at other things people made but a lot of the time I don't actually do it :D haha

    1. LOL me too. i watch the beauty gurus but i never do anything to 'improve' myself.

  4. THIS IS AWESOME. I think I'll try it out with random cardboard cutouts. >:) By the way, if you're interested, I tagged you for something a while ago on my blog. It's the second post from the top. :)

    1. Yeah, cardboard might be a good idea! And thanks for the tag--I'll check it out. Not sure if I'll get around to doing it, but thank you so much!