Monday, July 20, 2015



I am currently mightily resisting the urge to eat the Swedish Fish that I bought my brother for his birthday. 

Anyway, today we traveled to Hawaii and went to the beach and ate loads of carrot sticks and things,'s the hashdown!

(I don't think hashdown is a word. Hold on. Let me Google it first.)

(I didn't even have to Google it. It's rundown, not hashdown. Dang it.)

(Anyway, I made a new word.)

10:21 a.m. (California time)

Currently I'm sitting in the middle row of the airplane, squelched between my brother on my right and a lady I don't know on my left, Tori Kelly blaring through my earbuds (which I thought were long-lost and recently found in the wash. Surprisingly, they still worked). Also, ironically, I'm listening to “California Lovers.”
Man, these Hawaiian Airlines people know how to MILK it. Geez. All the flight attendants are wearing Hawaiian shirts and all the ladies are wearing fake flowers in their hair and they're all saying, “Aloha” and “Mahalo” and all that—wow, my mom just told me to type quieter. Whoops. Sorry, Mom. 
Anyway, there's this TV thing in front of us, but the only free stuff is the “complimentary” TV that's basically a bunch of hogwash propaganda about how Hawaii—and Hawaiian Airlines—has a “special kind of hospitality” (it was actually really good alliteration; I bet the advertisers thought they were being geniuses), and a bunch of hula dancers and flight-attendant-type people on the screens very obviously reading off teleprompters.
As you can tell, I'm not super happy with the commercialization of the American economy. But then, I'm pretty used to it.

But then, maybe I'm not because I'm making a big deal out of this.


AFTER EVERYTHING (approx 7:29 p.m., Hawaiian time // 10:27 p.m., California time)

Well, we arrived safe and sound! I'm sitting here in our hotel room, where we have a marvelous view of a bunch of buildings and the street. Unfortunately, our room does not have a view of the ocean. Fortunately, there's a little passageway shortcut to the beach from our building (the place we're staying at has multiple buildings), so I guess we can sacrifice a good view for convenience.
Anyway, the trip was pretty uneventful. It took about five hours; in that time, I read In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, for my AP Lang class, and kind of maybe sorta listened to music the entire plane ride over?
It was riveting, not going to lie, mostly because it was about a quadruple murder (crime has always fascinated me, for some reason) and it was a nonfiction story, but it was told kind of like a fictional one. Capote went into the heads of the people and it was actually really interesting; I finished it on the plane ride, minus most of the annotations I was supposed to do. Nonfiction books are starting to grow on me.
We landed at around 12:45 Hawaiian time, (or 3:45 Californian time) and got our stuff and called up a taxi and drove to our hotel. We couldn't check in right away, so we checked out the beach and ate some lunch/dinner (our body clocks are kind of messed up, as you can imagine).
The water is really clear. I've been to beaches where I live, but the water there is murky and sandy; here it's extremely blue, and the sand is whiter and finer (there's a lot of rocks, though).

Also, another difference is that in California, the waves are pretty close to the beach AND they're usually coldish. Here, the water feels like pool water (warm, but not too warm) and the waves are further out.

This was in LA, but I thought it was pretty :-)

I really won't ever get over airplane meals. Egg, cheese, and mushroom in pita bread. Mushroom is basically the only vegetable that I really don't like (it's way too SLIMY), but it tasted all right in this. And plus, they gave us chocolate! For "breakfast"!

Oahu is more industrialized than you think it might be.

The people at the hotel gave us guava-pineapple juice in chilled glasses. It kind of made me feel like I was royalty, sippin' out of those ice cold thaaaaaaaangs (geez what did i just do). The juice was really good, too. A little on the sweet side, but still good.


let's go to the beach-each, let's go get awayyyyy

It kind of looks like it wasn't that crowded, but believe me, it was. 

We went to a food court for lunch/dinner (sorry, this post is kind of out of chronological order). I had Vietnamese food :-) It was expensive (everything here is), but they gave me a lot of chicken and I couldn't finish the entire thing. 

Oh, and the flying bean sprouts. So the ladies who took our orders and got our food were acting kinda silly. (It was funny.) One of them was eating a random slice of watermelon and they started talking about something (idk what it was) and that somehow turned into one of them throwing a piece of bean sprout at the other one.

Thankfully, it didn't erupt into a full-fledged food fight, but it was funny. I would've jumped into the fray if, like, there had been a fray at all. There were a bunch of hot sauce bottles on the counter...

There are a lot of Asian tourists, I'm sure there are other Asian Americans here too, like me, but there are tourists directly from Japan and China and Korea. It makes me feel like I'm in Korea all over again.

Also, we were sitting outside on these tables and while I was gone my little sister took a bunch of selfies on my phone. I thought they were hilarious, so I'm putting them up here. (She's 8, by the way.)


And then of course I had to take a picture of these mailboxes and edit them on vscocam...(Vsco has been my new obsession lately.)

I lay down on the beach and looked up, and this is what I saw :-) #nofilter. It was really pretty, and I'm really excited to see what else is happening this week! 


  1. Awesome pictures! Sounds like your going to have an amazing time!! Can't wait to read your posts about this each day :)