Wednesday, July 1, 2015


For those of you who don't know, I've been taking a break from fictional writing for about three months now. It's been pretty awesome, but right now I kind of want to dive back into it. I have a manuscript that I want to complete the third draft for, so I'm hoping to do that.

However, my goal for right now is to gently assimilate myself back into the writing life. Therefore, my plan is to write at least a little bit of something every week and post it on here. It could be a short story, or a poem, a song, or basically something just creative. I've been missing that a lot lately, what with YouTube videos and all, and I'm ready to dive back in.

So I'm here now, and I present to you something that I posted on Teen Ink maybe a week or two ago...


They’re playing football in the backyard like nothing is wrong.
Like dark clouds aren’t rolling over the horizon, like lightning isn’t already crackling the air. I can feel it, and I’m inside the house.
No, they’re tossing spirals, laughing, having a good time.
They can’t see what I see.
“Jeremiah!” I slide the screen door to the side, my hand smudging the glass, body heat against cool air. “Everest! Come in! Now!”
They look at me, Jeremiah with his arms crossed around the pigskin. Everest has one eyebrow raised. “Why? Is Mom calling us?” he asks.
I point to the sky. That should be answer enough. Already I can feel the wind picking up, hugging drops of sprinkling dew to my skin.
Jeremiah looks up. “What?” he says. “It’s sunny out.”
They seriously can’t see it? The wind--the sky--the sunshine--it’s not--“Come in!” I scream. “Come in!” My voice echoes through the air, vibrating, expanding. I can see it in one sheer sheet of silvery mass. “Come in!” Without thinking, I hurtle towards them. I used to be on the track team at school.
They try to wriggle away from me.
“Ava!” Everest slips under my grasp. “It’s sunny out! What are you talking about?”
But they know what I’m talking about.
This has been happening for years.
“Just let me pull you in, okay? Let me pull you in!” Thunder booms around us. They finally let me grab their arms and drag them inside. I push the glass door shut just as the lightning crackles down and sets our cut grass on fire. Crumpling to the ground, I shut my eyes and let out a moan.
“Mom!” Jeremiah calls. “Mom! Ava’s doing it again!”
They’re my brothers. We were all born in the same womb and came out at the same time--Everest, Jeremiah, me. Triplets.
But somehow they see eye-to-eye to my mom and dad, and I can’t. I never have.
Tears smart my eyes as I turn to the wall and shut my eyes. The sound of thunder overpowers the soft scraping noise of the sliding door. I know it’s sunny outside. I’ve learned to trust their instincts over mine. It’s sunny outside.
But my eyes, ears, nose are telling me that there’s a storm. And as long as there’s danger, I have to rescue them--no matter what reality they’re living in.

In terms of interpretation, I don't really mean this metaphorically as much as I could have. Ava really does have a condition that makes her view things quite literally different from what others see. I've written a little bit more to this, but I want to know what your thoughts. What do you see it as? Did you like it? Would you be willing to read more?

Also, here's the video for this week!

Probably my most embarrassing video to you all know how bad I am at dancing. Also, my editing/camera positioning skills were NOT on point. But thanks for watching anyway!


  1. YES MORE MORE MORE! I love the concept of the story, and your writing :)

    And your video made me laugh :')

    1. awww thanks i love making people laugh :)