Friday, July 3, 2015


Is it, like, bad that I've been planning my wedding already? I'm only, like, a junior in high school and I'm planning my wedding?

Well, not actually planning it. Just little scraps and pieces are coming to my brain, every time I hear a song or see a dress on Pinterest (I have a specially marked board for 'wedding') and I honestly can't help but wonder what my wedding's going to be like. 

I hope I still kind of have the same taste in ten years as I do right now. I'm not really the kind of person to have a steak dinner at her wedding; first off, that's pretty expensive and I don't want my dad or me to pay a lot for a wedding. I also would not like to get married at a hotel or have a reception at a hotel, because to me hotels are impersonal places. Like, it's kind of a business establishment. Who wants to get married at a business establishment?! Eating I totally get...but I still don't want to have my guests eat at a hotel. 

I'll probably get married at a church. Whether it's my church building or not, I don't know, because I don't really want to get married in my church building right now. It's pretty cool--it's made out of brick, and it used to be an icehouse way back when they still used icehouses--but there are folding chairs, not pews, and the aisle would be kind of wimpy.

I also don't want to get married outside unless it's super picturesque, because I A) don't like bugs, B) have only a slight appreciation for the sun and more for rain, and C) you can't get married when it's raining. Or maybe my fiance will be rich and I can get married in like a glass building when it's raining so it'll be nice and quiet and cozy and comforting.

I've only been to a very small number of weddings, and the last one I went to was about four-five years ago. My favorite one, though, was one I went to when I was maybe seven years old, mostly because it wasn't too large. I really would like only to have a hundred-fifty people at my wedding--just my family and some friends--and I hope my fiance will be all right with that. (You never know, I could marry a popular guy.)

Back to the food. In my humble opinion, I think the food is most important (besides the whole marriage part, of course). I used to think of maybe a barbecue (like the guy thinks about in Father of the Bride), or maybe an In-N-Out truck, but my parents were like, You're definitely going to change your mind about that, and I did. I maybe would like grilled chicken and like a couple of shrimp platters or something. (Most people like chicken, right?)

or....what if I did like a "california roll" bar? Like I'd set out little plates of unseasoned seaweed (or lettuce, if people don't like seaweed) and big platters full of stuff like Spam, egg, avocado, cucumbers, carrots, imitation crab, Korean barbecue, etc., and guests can build their own California rolls? I think that'd be awesome, considering I'm Asian and I live in Cali.

These ideas are also pretty cute...

Then there's the whole matter of my wedding dress and the actual wedding party. I really don't have very many close friends (hopefully that'll change by the time I do get married), and some of the friends I do have now I'll probably lose touch with, but one thing I do know about is the wedding dress.

I like the kind of lacy, delicate, elegant look--which is weird because I'm not a really lacy or delicate or elegant person--but I just like it. I'm not sure how it'll look on me, but if I'm going to get dressed up, I might as well go lace, right?

I think I'd like sleeves or straps on my dress, but I like that lacy tulle thing that they put on the top. Isn't it gorgeous?

Also, apparently I like twenties-themed flapper-style dresses.

Or maybe I'll just wear my mom's wedding dress. Who knows?

Then there's the whole matter of the hair. Since my face is kind of wide and my hair's rather thick, I think I'd better go with it up. Maybe a nice loose, classy bun or something.


THIS IS ALSO BEAUTIFUL TOO. I don't know if I'll be able to get my hair that long, though.

Yeah. So I've basically got my entire wedding planned out. I need a groom first, though...


  1. *casually inserts self into wedding party for the free limo-ride and cake* My parents always ask me what kind of wedding I want and I'm like "um I'm not getting married" and they're like "lol yeah right yes you are" so I guess we'll all have to see what happens. I'm pretty sure my mom would want to plan something all herself as she never got the wedding she wanted--although she'll probably be planning a wedding that doesn't have a bride or groom :P

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. haha totally! cake!

      yeah, as of right now...the groom currently doesn't exist.


  2. I'd totally come to your wedding if I was in the USA at the time :) It's great you've got it all planned out! I hope you find the lucky man sooner than later :)

    My parents think I'm going to get married, but I don't want to. I guess I will though, because thats kind of what happens when you are a middle class white Chrsitian xD

  3. I'd love to come to your wedding! XD hahaha

  4. Your wedding sounds beautiful! I can't even plan weddings; it would give me such a headache. I've only been to one wedding so far in my life, back when I was five, and I disrupted the ceremony because while the couple was saying their vows, I dropped all of my pens and pencils onto the aisle. Eeep! O-O

    xoxo Morning