Sunday, July 26, 2015



(*speaks with a British accent because I've been watching a lot of British YouTube lately*)

How are you all doing today? I must tell're lookin' mighty fine today!

(*speaks with Southern accent because...Southern*)

I've just been on a boat this morning, and currently this hotel room is rocking up and down, up and down. I'm not quite sure why. It's a Boat Complex. Okay.

Well, I've been gone for three days so I have three days' worth of things to catch up with you!

I'm afraid I didn't take very many pictures on July 23rd, so I'll just paint a wonderful portrait with my words...

...we went snorkeling.

It was my first time, actually. My siblings had tried out their gear in a pool prior to the trip, but I, being a lazy munchkin, had yet to figure things out. 

I actually learned how to snorkel quicker than I usually learn how to do things, which is a plus.

For my first time snorkeling, it was pretty fun.

(*excuse me as the hotel room is still currently rocking. I think my body thinks it's still on a boat*)

The water was pretty shallow, but when you're wearing a life vest you can pretend that you're being adventurous and swimming very far out when in reality the ground is like two feet below you. I could stand up basically wherever I snorkeled, but fish still somehow liked being where I was! (Kind of. They sorta swam away whenever I came, but hey, they did that to everyone else so I wasn't the only one. *sings the Sam Smith song* I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE sorry I was in McDonalds today for breakfast and Sam Smith was on--I recognized it because of the really slow thumping drum beat--and he was singing I'M NOT THE ONLY ONNNEEEE and I had to listen to it while I was eating my parfait. I'm not a huge fan of Sam Smith--I mean, I tried listened to "Stay With Me" but I just didn't like it. I don't think his music is my type. Sorry. I just went on a full-on rant there. Also, all his songs kind of sound the same. Also, I'm not sure if I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE is the actual lyrics to the song but I'm pretty sure it is. I don't know. Correct me if I'm wrong down in the comments.)

Anyway, I think I saw an eel and stuff, and it was really nice. 


Normally we would've had to pay $7.50 per person, but my parents made us get up really early in the morning and we got to the place before it was even open--fourth car in line, holla!--so we didn't have to pay OR watch the orientation video. 


That kind of made up for having to wake up early in the morning. Kind of. I still need my sleep.

We went to this burger place for lunch and I had burgers and umami fries, and then we went back to our hotel room. I chilled in it for pretty much the rest of the afternoon, but the rest of my fambam went to the ocean and boogie boarded on the waves. 

I know. I have Extreme Introvert Syndrome. I should've gone to the beach.

For dinner, my parents went out for Japanese food and we went to the ABC store. My brothers and sister ate ramen, while I had an egg salad sandwich.

And if you're thinking that my parents weren't being very nice, making us eat ramen--my foolish brothers WANTED to eat the ramen. 

You might be thinking, What kind of Asians don't like Asian food?

(*all four of us raises our hands*)

We don't like Asian food that much. Korean barbecue is basically all that we like. Only one of my brothers likes sushi (the rest of us don't), my other brother just doesn't like Asian food for whatever reason, I can eat some stuff but not really, and my little sister doesn't really like meat.

We're very American. 

Anyway, we watched TV and sat out on the balcony and stuff, so it was nice.

The next day (July 24th), we had to check out of our hotel room, and we went to a different beach.

It was a very nice beach. (All the beaches here are nice. Just so you know.) My dad rented a double kayak and a stand-up paddleboard for four hours (so all six of us could go out), and stuff went down.


So basically I went on the paddleboard. And basically I was my typical bumbling self and I ended up staying out there for maybe over an hour because A) IT WAS CHOPPY, B) it was so choppy I couldn't even stand up on it, and C) I have zero upper body strength.

But seriously, it was choppy. I thought about standing up, and I tried to for maybe about ten seconds, but then it got all WOOOOOFFFy and I just couldn't, y'know? I didn't want to fall in the water and my sense of balance is all off (I mean, judging from the fact that my hotel room is still rocking up and down), so I didn't. I paddled to this little island thing (which, apparently, I didn't even have a permit for--I thought I did, but I didn't--so...woops), which was a bird island reserve thing. I saw maybe three birds. I had to trek around with my salt-stained glasses (because my contacts had been misbehaving earlier) and my little brother's freakishly too large Crocs (because my brother's at that age where he's bigger than me AND he doesn't care about his footwear AT ALL despite the fact that I keep on saying "WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?!" to him, jk, I don't do that, WOW THIS IS A LOT OF WORD VOMIT // I'm really very sorry about this// )

And then I had to paddle back, and I'd been gone so long that my dad came out LOOKING for me (instead of Looking for Alaska, it's Looking for Rachel...In Hawaii), and then he got mad at me and THAT was when I learned that I didn't have a permit to go on the island.

I'm such a stinking lawbreaker, guys.

Then we played around in the waves a little, and there were these two ladies talking about their love lives right next to me, which was really funny. They were like talking about their exes or something, and one of them was like, "Yeah, I think he's moved on...He's dating this other girl" and they were giving each other love advice or something, and I was all thinking, BRUH, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN?

Then we drove to a different hotel, which is where we're staying at for the rest of this trip (till Tuesday).

Look at this chandelier. Isn't it woooooonderful? 


After we showered and got ready, we went to a luau!

It was kind of touristy. All the workers were wearing giant flowery Hawaiian things (muumuus? dresses? i don't know) and they gave us shell leis. There was a lily pad pond and people playing music, and these "demonstrations" that involved the employees climbing up trees and things and a hula dance and "Polynesian tattoos" (they just drew on you with a pencil, and it smeared off by the end of the night). There was also a stand where you could buy shaved ice and stuff.

Finally figured out what this flower was called--plumeria.

Blue vanilla and banana.

I ate a lot (it was a buffet). I wanted to get my money's worth.


I think, out of all the things I've done so far on the trip, this was my favorite. We went on a small boat with a captain and a guide person and snorkeled around these "dolphin resting grounds" and we saw four dolphins! It was seriously so cool. Afterward, we went to a snorkeling place, where we saw a TON of fish and a bunch of sea turtles and things and it was honestly the best time.

Afterward we went back to our hotel and rested, then went to a Japanese curry place and Jamba Juice, braved traffic back (there was some accident that happened, and all these people were rubbernecking) and came back and watched Maze Runner, which was okay, but not like the book that much.

Now I'm finishing up this post on the day after I started it, sitting here at ten in the morning at our hotel, trying to finish up this blog post before we leave for the beach (yet again). I think I might hit the Fitness Center, but who knows what's going to happen? 

We're leaving on Tuesday, which is kind of crazy because these past days have flown by in a breeze. I can't believe our trip is almost over, but I am happy to go home.



  1. Hahaha, I love when people openly discuss personal stuff in public--I once went to a CVS where a woman was cussing loudly on the phone because apparently some family member brought his friends to her house without asking, and she felt nervous about it because she didn't know the friends and her young kids were there. It was so interesting I had to pretend like I was fiddling around in the make up aisle to hear the whole thing xD

    Livin' so wildly, Rachel! All this surfing and paddle-boarding and snorkeling...Nice! (Also, is that your mom up there in that pic? Because if so her tattoo IS SO AWESOME OMG like if that is her then tell her I said that because that tat truly is awesome)

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Lol, that's not my mom...that's me! hahahahahaha

  2. I LOVE your tattoo! It looks so cool!