Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Somewhere in the World" & ME TRYING TO BE A BEAUTY GURU

Welcome to the second post of "Wednesday Writings!" 

Today I have a poem for you. It's called "Somewhere in the World" and it's a shoutout to all my homies who live all around the world!

Somewhere in the World.

Somewhere in the world,
there is a girl.
She’s American, through-and-through,
Blue, white, red stripes,
Speaks the English
Can’t speak anything else, as a matter of fact,
but she has life in her eyes and wanderlust in her stomach
A camera in her heart and
The ability to open and close her ears
And her mouth.

One day, she thinks, she’ll set off
With a friend for company and a pen for keeping
Notes in a notebook in a knapsack
A couple of granola bars, a Starbucks tumbler filled with water
Maybe an extra pair of jeans
And a plane ticket to Somewhere Else.
And she’ll go
Romanticism in her eyes
Light on her heart
Music on her lips
And imagination fueling the journey all the way.
(Plus a wad of money because they’re never going to survive without a lot of that...)

She doesn’t have an itinerary--
all the other trips she’s taken have had that--
and she wants to try something new.
All they have is a checklist on a paper in the notebook
Full of places they want to see.
They want to try to visit all of them:
England (Stonehenge, Jane Austen’s house, Buckingham Palace, a place for fish & chips)
France (the Eiffel Tower, a crepe cart, eat pain au chocolat, the Louvre, visit the Seine where Monet painted that one painting you did for an art project, remember?)
Italy (eat margherita pizza, taste the gelato, ride a gondola in Venice)
Spain (practice Spanish; didn’t you take three years of Spanish?)
Holland (to see the tulips and the shoes)
Sweden (THE ALPS!!!!!!!!! Chalets!!!!!!)
Australia (the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos, koalas, pick up an accent)
New Zealand (Opal lives there; you should visit her, it’s supposed to be very green)
South Korea (again? I already went there. But it was fun!)
Taiwan (it’d be fun! Plus, history--Tiananmen Square.)

Listening to “International Smile” as we board the plane
Eating bags of peanuts + going insane
Because we’re finally here
We’re chasing everything down
We’ll record it all on camera
Ink to the pen to the paper to the words

somewhere in the world.


Also, here's your weekly Wednesday video that just went live today! Hope you enjoy--I'm kind of, ah, experimenting with makeup here, lol.

What did you think of this week's edition of "Wednesday Writings"? What about my video? What other things would you like to see me do, both on YouTube and on my blogs?


  1. Your makeup video = fabulous! That's exactly what I would be like if I was a beauty guru! Ha!

  2. Your video was hilarious + awesome. I really like your writing, too. I think you should do a morning routine! :) haha you don't have to be a beauty guru to do that! XD

    1. Yeah, I'll probably do a morning routine at some point during this might get a little crazy, tho -D

  3. YES COME VISIT ME. :)) I love your poem :)

    I love your video xD

    1. I WILL. I was thinking of you when I wrote it :) Remember our little chat about New Zealand and what it's like there? That made me want to visit.

  4. Died at that video


    Also for vid ideas I'd love to see a room tour tbh

    1. Awesome, I'll keep that in mind! Thanks!

  5. I just fell off my chair, that video was hilarious.

    I would really like to see more makeup videos XD

    And lovely poem!