Friday, July 10, 2015

THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN HAPPENING! || Life Updates with Rcubed

Hello children!

(My dad told me that that phrase was kind of condescending but since I'm a child and we're all children...OF since I've been using it for quite a while now I don't really want to back off it.)

Anyway, it's been a while since I've had a lifey post on this blog (it's mostly been tutorials and pondering) and I'm SUUUURE y'all are dyyyying to know what's been going on with my here's a collection of mumbled thoughts, pictures, and general wonderfulness that has been happening.


June 26-28

I went on a youth group retreat! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but now I actually have some real-life proof to back it up.

It was insanely fun. Think 26 people, crammed into a somewhat tiny "retreat house," sleeping in sleeping bags in bunks, listening to each other snore, sipping out of personalized cups, adding watermelon to strawberry lemonade, singing together, playing Hot Potato with the Catchphrase thing, going on hikes, taking pictures, was really just so much fun packed into two-three days.

I actually drank coffee and I put a lot of creamer in it. Still didn't like it. *sighs* Also, I didn't get a caffeine boost. I guess the stuff just doesn't work on me...

My friend and I went for a jog...which turned into a walk...which turned into a hike. It was really nice, exploring on our own. We also got some good pictures in.

Pretty sure my eyes are closed in this pic. But then, you never know.

Straight-up chillin.

 On Saturday afternoon three of my friends and I went on a hike up the incredibly dry riverbed. It was actually really fun. Several things that happened...

1. My friend Anna got all paranoid about seeing a bear, even though there was not even really a chance that we'd see one. Then, when we were climbing up this rock, she somehow thought that my other friend Cyndi was a bear (Cyndi has brown hair) and SCREAMED. Like legit SCREAMED. It was the funniest. thing. ever. I was right in front of her when she did so, and her face will remain emblazoned on my memory for the ages to come.

2. I swallowed a fly. It was disgusting. But hey...protein.

3. We saw the broken-off hood of a red car lying around, and a bunch of random tires, and we pinned together this conspiracy theory about a hobo who had crashed his car and was now living in a cave made of yeah.

4. I tried to, like, y'know, scare Anna again. It didn't work, though. I'm really bad at scaring people.

When we got back most of us girls holed up in a bedroom and started talking about the randomest things...and then we created this inside joke that will stick with us for probably forever. 

Inside jokes are the best. But they're not nice when you're left out of them.

We got home in time for church to send off our missions team to the Czech Republic...and then we went to a church picnic and got to see our youth groupies all over again. We played Kemps and Social Revolution with two decks of cards on the picnic tables and ate greasy Pizza Hut. It was wonderful. (But it was hoooooottttt...)

the friday after that!

I spent the week doing SAT class stuff and trying to force myself to do AP homework and all that jazz, so I didn't really take any pictures. But the Friday after was pretty busy, so I managed to squeeze some in...

We visited my grandparents, and my little sister picked a basket of tomatoes from their plants in the front. Aren't they ginormous?

Our grandparents speak Korean, and we can't, so it's often really hard for us to communicate. Most of the time, my mom just visits with them and we kids lounge around. They had happened to be watching YouTube on their TV, so, um...I couldn't resist :-)


Afterward my mom took us to the beach (we walked on the pier for like ten minutes), and then I went to get my hair cut.

I'm kind of trying to grow it out right now, so I asked the stylist just to keep it long and maybe trim off the ends. She layered my hair (which I actually really like, because she didn't layer it too short and I can still put it in a ponytail), and then she straightened it. 

Since I'm extremely lazy and don't really care about trivial things like straightening hair, it was a special occasion for me. I took a bunch of selfies, not gonna lie, and it's all right because I rarely ever do. 

My hair is naturally wavy, so to see it straight is just kind of...WOW. I think I'm going to straighten it more. 

And LOL, there's my little sister creeping in the background. You'll meet her sometime ;-)

Then we got home and we had two of my youth group leaders over for dinner. While the adults were downstairs talking and stuff, I went into my room and did my makeup video. It was beaaaaaaautiful. 



Unlike most Americans, we didn't really do anything. Usually there's a fireworks display somewhere in town or something, but A) I hate crowds, and B) fireworks--let's be real--are overrated. Boom! Boom! Pow! Smoke! Lights!


Our parents went to a wedding in the daytime, so it was kind of just my siblings and me. I was actually fairly productive--I straightened up my room.

Remember how I did artsy stuff in this post like a couple weeks ago? Yeah! I finally put it up!

Then, when our parental units came home, we ate dinner in the backyard and roasted marshmallows and ate them with cookies because we didn't have any chocolate or graham crackers. And then I made my brother take some awkward photos of me. 

Look! I'm soaring like the bald eagle!

When it actually got dark, we used sparklers (for, like, the first time in our lives--they're illegal where we live, but...hey....would you like to deprive us of firework pleasure...hahaha...laughs nervously...don't tell the police). Then we went inside and watched Father of the Bride, which was hilarious. Steve Martin's the best.

It was just an awesome day.

This past week, though, I got back to business. We started to actually legitimately get busy because 

A) SAT Boot Camp (I know I keep referencing this, but when you go there 4 days a week, 4.5 hours a day, you just can't get the stuff off your mind)
B) TENNIS CAMP. For the third time. I've got the routines down pat now, and it's so weird being a remember when I was a freshman doing it for the first time. I was so nervous. And now it just feels natural.

Another additional weird thing is that my BROTHER will now be going to high school with me next year. 


He's also attending high school tennis camp (he's a loooooot better at tennis than me), as well as his own tennis academy, so he's pretty much playing tennis at least three hours a day. I don't know how he does it.

C) just growing up. I'll be an adult in two years, guys. This is insane. Like, seriously insane. How?

Anyway, this was a long and rambly post. I have a couple of other Friday post ideas that I'm excited about, so stay tuned for those.

Until next time!


  1. Your sister in the background of that hair pic tho xD My little brother is the exact same way. Also in that bald eagle pic I HAVE THOSE EXACT SHOES OMG O_o Love this post; it's been a while since I've seen one of your long updates posts!

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  2. Sounds like the lot of fun! :-) Your hair looks great straightened! Mine is super straight.

  3. You got layered hair! Yay! I got mine cut like that a few months ago as well :) Sounds like you've been super busy :)