Sunday, August 30, 2015


school starts on tuesday.

do you ever feel like there's some point in your life where something is just IMMINENT and something's not going to NOT happen, so you might as well just suck it up and do at it? (I coined the phrase. "Do at it." I kind of like it. I was going to say "go at it" but then I realized that that was actually a phraseology...and it wasn't a necessarily very nicely connoted I changed the "go" to "do.")

It's bad grammar, I know, but it gives me some creative release.

like, unless a meteor comes down and crushes my high school under its surging weight or the rapture occurs or something, i can't avoid school. and complaining about it is not going to get me anywhere in life (where does complaining ever get you? nowhere. well, actually, somewhere, but not anywhere near where you'd want to be.)

so i actually sucked it up last night and studied. and after i write this post and pedal and burn off some of the souplantation i ate earlier today, i am going to go back to the grind and study. because guess what? i have the capability to do so, i have the time to do so, and i have the drive (kind of).

so if you're shirking from anything...DO AT IT. OR DO IT. JUST DO IT. DO AT IT. whatever slogan you want to use, do it. i myself have a bunch of things to do at the moment, so i'll bow out right now, but I'LL SEE YOU GUYS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HORIZON.

don't know where that came from...hahahahahaha.

oh, and i posted a new youtube video! you should watch it! i attempted to use iMovie and am way too perky in the video! hopefully you don't get annoyed!!!!

also, tori kelly is performing at the VMAs tonight!!! i'm fairly sure she isn't going to twerk, so this is definitely a class up from that miley cyrus performance two years ago!!! !!!


let's! all! be! perky !! !!!! together!!!!!

(p.s. suBSCriBe!!)


  1. "Do at it" is now on my desk. Blessings this school year!!

  2. I've been trying to do at it...but sleeeeeep and fooood and Netfliiiiix *sobbing*

    O | Life as a Young Lady

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  4. Yes this is fantastic. You are fantastic. So motivated.

  5. Tori Kelly's album is #5 on iTunes!

  6. Hi Rcubed! XDDDD it was sooo funny when you was talking about your neighbour! I very recently found out about Tori Kelly through the Miranda Sings video she featured in. OMG THAT WAS HILLARIOUS! I'll be following to keep updated :)

    I'm having a Blogger Choice Awards and would LOVE for you to enroll! Thanks!

    Check out my blog? Your choice -

    Rukiya XX

  7. Btw I LOVE the acoustic version of Tori Kelly's song Should've been us!

  8. Do at it. New favorite quote.

    a little bit of sunshine
    P.S- Loved the video :D

  9. I've just realized this very thing this week-I need to keep up and do things right away or there will be nothing but trouble in the future. Love your "Do at it!". I'll keep that in mind as I complete my homework this weekend!


  10. I tried doing at it today... but then I opened my laptop and internet and blogs and long story short, the book report I was supposed to write is still an empty document with only the title of the book in it XD

    x Envy
    Picking up the Pieces