Wednesday, September 30, 2015



In the past month, I have...

1. Taken at least 10-15 tests or quizzes, and done HORRIBLY on at least three.
2. Had approximately one or two meltdowns.
3. Driven on the freeway (twice).
4. Turned 16.
5. Had my first birthday party in 10 years. (No joke.)
6. Acquired a major sock/racerback tan due to the number of tennis matches that have happened.
7. Collected almost 40 names and numbers during Club Rush for my book club.
8. Signed up for all the clubs my friends have established.
9. Taken 4-5 practice SATs, scoring in my target range for most of them. 
10. Watched at least 2 episodes of Girl Meets World on Friday nights.
11. Eaten approximately 10 slices of cake. There are a lot of birthdays in September in my family. (My dad's, mine, my uncle's, and my grandma's are within 9 days of each other.)
12. Discovered a rather nasty sore in the back of my tongue that makes it feel like I have a sore throat...but I haven't.
13. Given a bunch of not-so-great grades to a bunch of newspaper reporters. I'm a hard grader. (And Features editor on my newspaper.)

I wish I could show you pictures, but alas, I didn't take any on my phone, nor do I have the energy to upload them onto my computer.

In the past 2 weeks, I have not...

1. Read a full cover-to-cover physical book.
2. Been to the library, as a matter of fact.
3. Uploaded an interesting YouTube video.
4. Edited an interesting YouTube video.
5. Filmed an interesting YouTube video (the two that I did film were quite boring. I deleted them.)

It's almost October. I want to go to bed. I have to make a cell model project. But I have to get rid of this cankersore. 

But wait. You probably want to hear more. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you're just bored of this.

But I feel like I should recap a couple main things.

1. SAT.

(of course, it's the first one on the list.)

I'm taking my first official SAT on October 3rd, which is this Saturday. I am freaking out. I AM EXCITED. but nervous. EXCITED. but nervous. This goes on my college transcripts, guys. (WHAT???!!!???) I'm aiming for a decently high score. I know my capabilities. I know I can do it.

Pray for me, guys.


Yes, I had my first birthday party in ten years. I invited my youth group and two other people (family friends) over, and it was pretty stellar. We ate Chick-fil-a and played with Nerf guns and watched Captain America outside. There were also two pinatas involved. And candy. 

I'm a child.

But I wish you all could have come! As it was, I had my hands full trying to figure out how to be the center of attention. I really am not a huge fan. I always felt bad because I was going first in lines and stuff, because it was my birthday, but still...!!!!

Everyone was really nice and I had a really good time. Maybe in sixteen years I'll have another party...

3. School.

School has been crazy. I have to go to zero period two days a week (I was originally supposed to go five days a week, but I decided not to because WHAT HOW TO GET TO SCHOOL AT 6:50 EVERY MORNING). Also SLEEP. I'm taking three AP classes and in the middle of tennis season right now, and I'm getting home at 4:30 at the earliest, which is awful. 

Things are cray. But they're good.


I'm about to take my second driving lesson (in a week or two, probably), and I'm excited. I've been getting a little bit better at driving (even though sometimes I'm a dangerous one and I forget to look for cars when I'm changing lanes), and I even went on the freeway twice. I can't remember if I told you guys that or not. I probably did. I was really excited about it.

5. i just...aias;lkjb...aspeoijah;..laepoibhabhas;eo....

i'm tired. i think i'll go to bed.



  1. Yay for your driving! I'm yet to take my test so that I can drive on the road. Every time I'm ready to do the study at take it something else comes up :/
    Good luck with your SAT! I'm sure you'll do great 'cause your super smart! :))

  2. I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

  3. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! And congrats about driving!!! Oh my gosh, being at school at 6:50- that is insane. That just sounds painful.. Yay GMW!!! I can't wait for the Texas episodes.

  4. Wow! That's sounds really awesome and very tiring.

    And 6:50? That is torture.

  5. OHMYWORD. praying for your SATS!! You got this girl!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Pinatas are the best. **virtually steals some candy**

  7. AWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Can I be invited to the next party ;)?) Best of luck, you'll rock those SATS!!!