Monday, November 23, 2015


I was nominated for the lovely Liebster Award by Olivia at Summer of 1999! Her posts are delightfully aesthetic and VSCO-y; you should definitely check her out:)

the rules: 
1// Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
2// Display the award on your blog.
3// Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
4// Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
5// Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers.
6// Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
7// List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here.) 
8// Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it!


>> Who is your favorite teacher you've had so far and why?
Ooooh...this is a tough one--every year, I have at least one or two teachers I really like. Last year, I had a really good math teacher (even though I stink at math); this year, my history teacher is cool--he tells us hilarious/insane stories from his life experiences, and he's always making the class laugh.
>> What do you do to destress?

I listen to music, watch YouTube/TV, and read books. Sometimes I just curl up in a ball and listen to the silence. Sometimes I just need to block out my life for a little while.
>> What is the first book you remember reading? or If you could choose one children's book to read to your child which would it be? 

I remember reading (and loving) a bunch of Amelia Bedelia books, as well as these "learning-to-read" books that I got from the library. One of my favorite ones was a story about pen pals, both of whom were named Pat. One of them was a girl, and one of them was a boy, but neither of them knew that they were different genders, so when they finally met each other, it was kind of awkward...but really funny. One of the things I did after I read it was stare at the cover, because the cover showed a kid from the eyes up (the story included photos, and the boy and girl both wore baseball caps and had blue eyes and dark hair), and I was always wondering if it was the girl who was on the cover or the boy.

Wow. That was long and totally unnecessary, but that question just brought back a slew of memories.
>> What is the last item you purchased?
Does food count? I went to see Mockingjay: Part 2 today, and afterwards I got In-N-Out (which, for those of you who don't know, is a burger place on the West Coast. It's literally the bomb).
>> When and how does your family first begin to celebrate Christmas (if you do)?

We start celebrating it the weekend after Thanksgiving. My family's one of those families who doesn't celebrate a holiday until all the other holidays have passed, although I'm known to listen to Christmas music in September. I started playing "Winter Wonderland" today in the kitchen and my mom asked me to turn it off. 

When we do start to celebrate, however, we set up our tree, our Christmas décor, and play the Christmas jazz station on Pandora. Yay!
>> If you could choose to have any color hair, what would it be?
I've always wanted to be platinum blond. I'm thinking of dying the tips of my hair white-blond or lavender.
>> Favorite movie that has come out in the last year (or two, whatevs)?

Hmmmmm....SO MANY. Wow. Captain America and Avengers: Age of Ultron are probably my top two. Probably more--like I said, I just saw Mockingjay, and that one was really good.
>> Favorite book of the Bible and short bit on why?

I love Ecclesiastes. I'm always rereading it over and over again, just to ground myself in a sense of reality. The author (I'm pretty sure it's Solomon) is kind of cynical and extremely real, and sometimes my head is in the clouds, so whenever I catch myself drifting up there, I read Ecclesiastes to bring me back down. It grounds me.
>> What time do you usually go to sleep and wake up (psh what even is a sleep schedule)?


I might get in trouble for this question (haha), but as I've gotten older my parents have let loose the rein of bedtimes and now I pretty much go to sleep whenever I want. On school nights, I go to bed around 11-11:30, and on weekend/break, I go to bed anywhere from 11-1. (My best hours are in evening/night.) 

On school days I have to wake up at 6:15 (zero period starts at 6:50, and it takes 10 minutes to get to school), and at 7:15 (regular school starts at 7:50), and on weekend/break, I wake up anywhere from 8-10. I actually don't like sleeping in; I enjoy doing things. I honestly wish I didn't need sleep.
>> Which Disney princess do you want to be when you grow up (because we all know this is an important decision that we're going to have to make at some point in our lives)?
ELSA BECAUSE SHE CAN SHOOT ICE CRYSTALS FROM HER HANDS. None of the other princesses can do that!
>> Well, I thought that I only had to come up with ten questions and I was happy with that last question being my last one, but then I realized I had to do eleven. Soooo. Do you like to color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils?

Colored pencils all the way! I love how you can shade things and stuff, and the pores on the paper don't get too filled up.
>> BONUS: why are all these questions so child-ish???????????

BECAUSE WE'RE ALL CHILDREN AT HEART. That's why I say "hello children" sometimes. Because we're all children (of GOD!) and also still children. I'm a child.

Eleven facts about myself:
1. I'm currently procrastinating by writing this post.
2. I'm not a huge fan of NaNoWriMo. I tried doing the July camp once, and I just hated the fact that I had to update every time I wrote or else my data would be all skewed. I figured that, if I was going to finish the book, I would finish it.
3. I'm also not a huge fan of library summer reading programs for the same reason why I'm not a huge fan of NaNoWriMo. I just don't like recording things. If I'm going to read, then I'm going to read. If I don't...stinks. (NO OFFENSE TO THOSE WHO DO PARTICIPATE IN NANOWRIMO OR LIBRARY READING PROGRAMS! YOU'RE DISCIPLINED HUMAN BEANS! I AM NOT! I WISH I WAS YOU SO I COULD POTENTIALLY WIN GIFT CARDS AND HAVE THAT COOL BANNER THAT SAYS "I WON NANOWRIMO"!)
4. I am also not a huge fan of No Shave November, mostly because I don't like beards. But I get it. Guys should look like lumberjacks at least once in their lifetimes. It should be a bucket list item.
5. I wish I could do photography, but I don't have the patience to learn all the cameraography. 
6. I want to go to UCLA. 
7. I'm creative, but not artsy. I can't draw for the LIFE of me. Seriously, all the pictures of "realistic" people that I draw all look like they want to murder someone.
8. I don't get obsessed very often, but when I am obsessed, I'm obsessed. Currently, my obsessions are Tori Kelly, the Willis Clan (CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR SECOND SEASON TO AIR ON TLC), and Girl Meets World. And yes, I am quite aware that the next episode of Girl Meets World airs not this week, but next--and then we decide who gets with whom. I'm still for Lucaya, but now that Riley can actually talk around Lucas, I don't mind Rucas. Although I think "Lucaya" is a better ship name than "Rucas."
9. I'm a child.
10. I just need to marry someone who can do taxes for me.
11. I want to go to Australia! G'day, mate--that's a roo over there!

Thank you so much, Olivia, for nominating me! 

These are my questions:

1. When you're texting someone, do you write numbers out or actually put the number down? Why?
2. Candles or bonfires?
3. Would you consider yourself a potato?
4. On a scale of 1-10, how much would you rate your inner fangirl?
5. What do you fangirl over (if anything)?
6. Spotify or iTunes?
7. Physical exertion or mental exertion?
8. Do you make friends easily or not? Why or why not?
9. If you could see one movie before you died, what would it be and why?
10. Are you a yes person or a no person?
11. Oscar Wilde quotes or Yogi Berra quotes?

I would like to do this a little differently. Instead of posting this on your blogs, post the answers to your questions and/or 11 facts about yourself in the comments below. That way, everyone can participate, even people who don't have blogs! (If you have a blog and want to post it on there, go for it--consider yourself nominated by me!)

Thanks again, Olivia, and I'm excited to see all your responses!


  1. Okay, I have to ask- what are you thinking about GMW lately?? I'm hardcore Lucaya (like...wasting way too much time on IG and tumblr fangirling over Lucaya..) But I can't figure out what the heck the writers are planning!!!

    I'm going to come back and answer your questions because they're seriously awesome and I love stuff like this, but right now I have to get offline.... I WILL BE BACK!

    1. To be honest, I don't know. I saw the writers' last tweet, and my hunch is that Farkle tells Lucas that Riley still likes him. I don't know what Lucas does in that situation, but I feel like he still likes Riley. (TRUST ME...this is tearing my heart out as I say this, because I honestly think Maya and Lucas would be better together.)

      Also, I think I figured something else out from the pilot episode. I have a few theories, but in the pilot episode, Riley sits in front of Lucas and Maya sits in front of Farkle. But in the second episode, and every episode thereafter, their configuration is switched.

      I don't know what that means, but it may or may not point in a Rucas direction. It could also point in a Lucaya direction. All I know is that the seating arrangement switched, and apparently in Boy Meets World, Cory and Topanga sat in the same aisle.


      So I honestly don't know. But I'm excited. I'M SO EXCITEDDDDDDDDDD.

    2. Either Farkle tells Lucas, OR they're trying to make us think that and drive us insane, and he doesn't tell them after all. I can't figure out WHO Lucas likes.....WHY CAN'T THEY ASK THE BOY WHAT HIS OPINION IS?? IT'S NOT THAT HARD. I will say that it seems like Lucas can be a little more sensitive to Maya sometimes, but that could just be me looking too deeply into everything haha.

      Yep, in BMW, Cory sat in between Topanga and Shawn, his love interest and his best friend. And then Lucas is between Maya and Zay. That could totally mean something... Another theory I have is that when Riley falls onto Lucas's lap, a sign behind them says "Two Months Only!" Maybe.. Two seasons only? IDK.


      I cannot WAIT to see that episodeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    3. Okay, now I'll answer the questions!

      1. It really depends on my mood...usually I type the word out unless it's really long or I'm just really tired xD
      2. Hmm...bonfires
      3. Yes. I am definitely a potato.
      4. 9 and 3/4
      5. *whispers* EVERYTHING. Um. GMW. Harry Potter. Broadway. Dancing With The Stars. The Hunger Games. Death in Paradise.
      6. iTunes
      7. Mental exertion
      8. Ummm....sometimes. It kind of depends on how introverted I'm feeling haha. For the most part though, yes.
      9. Oh gosh. This is hard. The Princess Diaries 3, starring Julie Andrews. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IT'S MY DREAM.
      10. ...maybe.
      11. Oscar Wilde

    4. oscar wilde all the waaaaaaaaay (although i'm more of a yogi berra person myself).


  2. 1. It depends. Usually just put the number down. Because it's easier.
    2. Candles.
    3. Only sometimes.
    4. 6
    5. idek
    6. iTunes
    7. mental? no idea... :)
    8. I think so... I like being friendly.
    9. ummm.....
    10. yes
    11. oscar wilde

    by the way, i noticed your graphic design thing!! it's so simplistic, modern, and clean!! fonts on fleeeeek.

  3. ok i'm not going to answer all of these questions but just wanted to say that i definitely consider myself a potato. absolutely no shame.
    and also your answers and questions were the best thing ever!!!!!!! this post was so entertaining XD AND OMW, amelia bedelia is life!!!!! you're the bomb. thanks for doing the tag!!

    1. NO PROBLEM! thanks so much for tagging me in it! (also, your instagram feed is, like, goals:)

  4. Ecclesiastes is such an awesome book :)
    I loved your answer to why all of the questions are childish...oh yes, we are all still children in the heart <3
    Loved all of your answers though!