DEAR 2015

Dear 2015,

In case you weren't sure, 2014 was a good year for me. It was. I'm absolutely certainly positive it was.

Here's a list of things that made it awesome:

-I went to Korea.
-I started a new book and finished the first draft.
-I got baptized.
-I blogged.
-I discovered YouTube.
-I made videos.
-I worked at the Snack Shack and made money.
-I started a club.

It was pretty awesome.

Now I'm hoping you can top that list. Each year, I want you, Rachel/Rcubed, to do something more magnificent, something better, something awesomer. I want you to shoot for the stars and to have no regrets.

The Main Thing I'd like you to do in 2015 is:
-Finish your edits by March.

That's all I want you to do. Also, a blog revamping, a YouTube channel, a Twitter, and a driver's license (you'll be turning 16, after all) might also be in order. Also, a job. (A real one. Try the Habit.) But first--AGENT. (Also, try not to crash into any cars.)

Dear Rcubed of 2015, please don't do anything crazy. Or stupid. You do have a tendency to lean that way, you know. 

Also, please do well on your SAT. You may be taking the SAT in 2016 (I have no idea), but I hope you do okay on it. And do morning Elite! Not afternoon! All your friends will be in morning Elite! Okay?

Also, PRACTICE. TENNIS. I don't care if you don't feel like it, practice. You will be team captain of varsity!

You will!

And read. Read your study Bible. I just started Jeremiah; try to finish it, okay? Also, it'd be wonderful if you finally finish Psalms.

Stay with God.

Last but not least...don't drink or do drugs (not that I think you're going to) and TELL ME HOW PITCH PERFECT 2 was.  (I didn't think the trailer was very magnetic.) And Avengers 2. And Kingsman. And Girl Meets World Season 2. How did Pinocchio end?! How did Keeper of the Lost Cities end?!

Anyway...I hope you're doing well. Say hi to yourself for me.



  1. This is so cool! I should start doing this--writing letters to my future self. But I'm sure I would get too cynical and everything :P This is a really cool thing you did though! I like it a lot! I think I might do the same and put it on my blog...will you promise not to be too mad at me for copying you as long as I mention you when I write it? :P

    1. Oh, I won't get mad at all! It's not really my idea--it was in a book I read, and I just copied it :-) You don't have to reference me if you don't want to.

  2. I should write letters to my future self, too. YASSS AN AGENT. Like, I've been trying to nudge myself to write, but my brain is dead on motivation. Pitch Perfect 2, the Avengers, and season two of Girl Meets World (I watch it. I saw some reruns of Boy Meets World and that was pretty cool, and though watching GMW makes me sound a lot like a dork, it's still better than most shows on the channel right now).

    Like, I also read that Angela (the owner of the bag that Shawn looked through, as mentioned in Girl Meets Master Plan) will come back, Maya will cry, the season one finale may include some kisses and Maya's Dad may be revealed. AHHH! Good luck with driving, too; I'm just about ready to take my permit, but I am hesitating. I can't even drive a video game race car. It's embarrassing. DX

    xoxo Morning

    1. I LOVE GIRL MEETS WORLD. But I have not watched the past couple of episodes because, well, YouTube. But still! I love it! And I still ship Angela + Shawn :-)

      And I can't drive a video game race car either!

  3. i love jessie she is my favorite